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Tips And Tricks On How To Stop A Panic Attack

February 28, 2016

tathtspaThere are tips and tricks on how to stop a panic attack. This type of information you can find online and in several books. As life has become fiercely competitive and stressful, people are experiencing actual physical illness, which …

Welfare Reform – Has It Been Effective?

December 12, 2015

fwFOR the first time this year congressional Republicans feel as if they have their political footing. They have passed a major welfare-reform bill, “common-sense” health-care legislation, and a widely popular minimum-wage measure. President Clinton’s charge of GOP “extremism” has been

What Retailers Said Then Reveals Itself As False

May 20, 2015

(From 1997)

The latest proposal to raise the $5.15 wage floor by $1 has retailers in a difficult spot.

With labor among the industry’s highest expenses, following inventory, it is strenuously objecting to any further increase, yet its usual arguments

The Poverty Gap – Can’t Say We’re Surprised.

May 13, 2015

richpoorOver the past thirty years, America’s rich and well-educated have gotten richer, and the poor poorer. Since 1990 the wealthiest 5 percent has increased its income by 16 percent, while the income of the bottom 20 percent has fallen by

The Stars Over New Mexico Shine Brightly

April 20, 2015

Rising 300 feet from the canyon floor, Fajada Butte is a dominant landmark at the southeastern end of Chaco Canyon. Near the summit of the butte on a June day in 1977, Anna Sofaer, an artist, was recording one of

Was Clinton Too Watered Down?

April 12, 2015

IN his weekly radio address in mid April President Clinton lamented that his anti-terrorism bill had been watered down and argued that “we need the real thing.” When the bill was in conference, Democrats worked to add provisions to give

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